How to install vmix

In the process of making a video for a live event using more than one camera, you can use switches pictures or video mixer manual.

download (1)

But usually to meet these tools cost is quite expensive, a video mixer we have to spend $ 1500 – $ 8000.
If you already have a Computer nice, we could use the computer as a video mixer, that is the way we have installed software called VMIX video mixer or Virtual Mixer.

But of course our PC specifications should meet the standards, among others:

Must be a minimum of our PC processor Core i3
Minimum RAM capacity of 6GB
The minimum standard VGA Card 1gb
The other requirement is in our PC Must be installed a minimum of windows 7 and must be installed netframework 4.0.
If all requirements are met the above requirements, then we will be ready PC to create a virtual mixer with vmix.

Okay let soon we install our Vmix

Here I will describe how to install vmix 17

The first insert the software CD Vmix you Have

then click install wait until the process is complete and ready for use vmix

Thus tutorial how to install vmix that you can use for video shooting needs who use more than one camera.

vmix excess of this in addition to the live event can also be used for live streaming online PC as long as we are already connected to the internet.


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